Vandal Giving Day 2022 Launches April 5 at 10:00 a.m.!
Agricultural and Life Sciences

The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) is leading the way in finding solutions to the world’s most critical challenges. Every day, faculty, staff and students in CALS provide real-life solutions that advance the health and welfare of people, animals and the environment. Whether it’s in the classroom, at one of our research facilities across the state or through interaction in local University of Idaho Extension offices, we make a difference in the lives of Idahoans and the world beyond.

Please consider making a gift to the CALS Excellence Fund, UI Extension Support Endowment or your favorite academic department in CALS today! 

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Excellence Fund

Your gift to the CALS Excellence Fund allows students the opportunity to gain industry knowledge outside the classroom, the ability to bring world-renowned agricultural professionals and alumni to campus to share experiences and research with students, faculty and staff, and provides much-needed scholarship support. Since 2016, nearly $30,000 from this fund has been used to assist 88 CALS students to attend conferences, national competitions, professional meetings and trainings, and international events. These opportunities allow our students to broaden their skill set while meeting potential employers and showcasing the work being done in CALS. Your gift to the CALS Excellence Fund is the easiest way to impact many students in the college.


Did you know that U of I Extension 4-H Youth Development is participating in Vandal Giving Day? Learn More...


Vandal Student Experience Leaderboard
The three funds with the highest number of gifts will earn $1,000 each, courtesy of the University of Idaho Foundation. Applicable funds include Equity & Diversity, fellowships, emergency funds, study abroad programs, Operation Education, WWAMI, student clubs, Greek funds and many more!
Rank Prize Programs Gifts
1 $1,000 Kristin Clovis Gamma Phi Beta Memorial Scholarship 102
2 $1,000 McCall Field Campus Excellence Fund 80
3 $1,000 Support the Campus (McCall Field Campus Infrastructure) 50
4 Vandal Promise Scholarships 45
5 Vandal Marching Band Scholarships 42
6 Library Dean's Excellence Fund 39
7 Fraternity & Sorority Opportunity Fund 35
8 CAMP: Si Se Puede Endowment 35
9 Vandal Food Pantry 33
10 LGBTQA 27
11 Bruce & Kathy Pitman Fund for Student Emergencies 22
12 Raven Scholars Program 21
13 Alumni Excellence Fund 20
14 Friends of the Women's Center 19
15 Richard T. & Bonnie L. Jacobsen Scholars in Engineering Endowment 18
16 Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) 18
17 Vandal Marching Band Excellence Fund 17
18 Alumni Homecoming Decorations 17
19 Margaret Fosberg Alpha Gamma Delta Scholarship Endowment 16
20 Native American Student Center (NASC) 16
21 Delta Delta Delta Scholarship Endowment 15
22 Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU) Arena 15
23 Sigma Chi Seven Founders Scholarship Endowment 14
24 CLASS Student Emergency Fund 12
25 SAE True Gentlemen's Scholarship 12
26 Center for Secure & Dependable Systems - CSDS 11
27 Native American Law Program 10
28 Cattle Drive Team Endowment for Agricultural Commodity Risk Management 10
29 Campus Recreation Scholarships 10
30 Operation Education at UI-Scholarships 9
31 Delta Scholarship 9
32 Kappa Kappa Gamma Scholarship 8
33 McClure Center Undergraduate Student Programs 7
34 SEND - Phi Gamma Delta 7
35 Martin Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution 7
36 Theta Chi Scholarship 7
37 Eric McMillan Diversity Scholarship 7
38 Paul Joyce Memorial BCB Fellowship 6
39 A.J.G. Priest - Beta Theta Pi Scholarship Endowment 6
40 College of Science Undergraduate Research Fund 6
41 College of Law Faculty Fund for Diversity & Inclusion 6
42 College of Law Legal Aid Clinic 5
43 Kappa Delta Scholarship 5
44 Alpha Phi Excellence Scholarship Endowment 5
45 Barker Capital Management and Trading Program 5
46 William J. McLaughlin & Nick Sanyal Conservation Without Borders Endowment 4
47 Prichard Art Gallery Gifts 4
48 Operation Education and Veterans Excellence Fund 4
49 Student Emergency Fund - College of Engineering 4
50 Delta Gamma Memorial Scholarship Endowment 4
51 College of Law Student Emergency Fund 3
52 Pi Beta Phi Scholarship Endowment 3
53 Katy Benoit Safety Fund 3
54 Alpha Gamma Rho Scholarship 3
55 WWAMI Dean's Excellence Fund 2
56 Tod Neuenschwander Communications Scholar 2
57 Engineering Lab & Technology Updates 2
58 WWAMI North Idaho AHEC 2
59 Military and Veteran Student Services 2
60 Sigma Nu Scholarship Fund 2
61 Immigration Law Clinic 2
62 JAMM Lab Renovation Fund 2
63 Lynn Evans Little Scholarship Endowment 2
64 Carol H. Foster Scholarship 2
65 F.J. 'Packey' Boyle TKE Scholarship 2
66 CBE - Idaho Entrepreneurs 1
67 Strategic Initiatives Endowment for the College of Engineering 1
68 SEND - Kappa Sigma Scholarship 1
69 Student Clubs & Organizations - College of Engineering 1
70 Alpha Kappa Lambda/Gary Renfrow Memorial Schol. Endowment 1
71 Todd Pierce Delta Tau Delta Scholarship Endowment 1
72 Center for ETHICS Unrestricted Fund 1
73 Operation Education Endowment 1
74 Housing Law Clinic 1
75 LHSOM Technology & Infrastructure 1
76 Delta Sigma Phi - T.J. Pritchard Scholarship Endowment 1
77 Gamma Alpha Omega Scholarship 1
78 College of Art and Architecture Design Build 1
79 Harold T. Nelson - Lambda Chi Alpha Scholarship 1
80 Albertson Student Learning Center Fund 1
81 Sigma Lambda Gamma Scholarship 1
82 Kappa Delta Chi Scholarship 0
83 Lambda Theta Alpha Scholarship 0
84 Lambda Theta Phi Scholarship 0
85 Omega Delta Phi Scholarship 0
86 Phi Kappa Tau Scholarship 0
87 Pi Kappa Alpha Scholarship Endowment 0
88 Pi Kappa Phi Scholarship 0
89 Sigma Lambda Beta Scholarship 0
90 1st Lt. Donald Frank Ware Memorial Scholarship Endowment 0
91 WWAMI Building and Capital Fund 0
92 General James F. and Bonnie Amos Leadership Endowment 0
93 Colonel Everett P. “Red” and Ginger Trader Leadership Endowment 0
94 WWAMI Rural Underserved Opportunities Program (RUOP) 0
95 Jeanette A. Hackney STEM and Operation Education Endowment 0
96 VIEW Entrepreneurship Program Gap Fund 0
97 Summer Design Days 0
Dr. Johnson-Maynard SWS Challenge
Hooray! Huge thanks to our donors and Dr. Jodi Johnson-Maynard for making this possible! Go Vandals!
10 / 10 Donors
Doug & Barbara Scoville Plant Sciences Challenge
Challenge complete! Huge thanks to our 12 donors who stepped up and to Doug & Barbara Scoville for making this possible!
12 / 12 Donors
University of Idaho Foundation Challenge
$10,000 from the University of Idaho Foundation in support of University of Idaho students, scholarships and programs will unlock for every 500 gifts during Vandal Giving Day, up to $30,000! Go Vandals!
1,500 / 1,500 Gifts
Rising Stars Trivia Challenge
Congratulations Heaven Jordan, you're a trivia master!
Wayne and Peggy Thiessen FCS Match
We did it! Thank you Wayne and Peggy Thiessen, for making this possible!
$1,000 MATCHED
Dean Parrella CALS Excellence Fund Match
Woo-Hoo! Thank you to all our amazing donors and to Dean Parrella for your generosity! Go Vandals!
$1,000 MATCHED
Dr. Bob and Jayne Collier AVFS Match
We did it! Thank you Jayne and Dr. Collier for making this possible!
Tuesday Happy Hour Leaderboard - Colleges
Time for Happy Hour! The top three colleges that receive the most gifts from 5pm to 7pm on Tuesday will earn cash bonuses courtesy of the University of Idaho Foundation! You've got two hours to share with your friends, family and classmates. Ready, get set, go!
Rank Prize College Gifts
1 $1,250 Science 8
2 $500 Engineering 5
3 $250 Art and Architecture 4
4 Law 3
5 Business and Economics 3
6 Letters, Arts and Social Sciences 3
7 Education, Health and Human Sciences 2
8 Natural Resources 2
9 Agricultural and Life Sciences 2
Dr. McIntosh AERS Match
We did it! Thank you Dr. Chris McIntosh and all of our generous donors for making a difference this Vandal Giving Day!
UI Extension Leadership Team Challenge
Woo-Hoo! A huge thank you to our donors and the Barbara Petty and her leadership team for their kindness this Vandal Giving Day! Go Vandals!
10 / 10 Donors
Dean Parrella EPPN Challenge
We did it! Huge thanks to our 10 donors and Dean Parrella for making a difference this Vandal Giving Day!
10 / 10 Donors
Dr. Cathy Roheim Cattle Drive Team Match
Yay! Thank you Dr. Cathy Roheim for your generosity!
UIAA Directors 1,898 Gifts Challenge
Woo-Hoo! Thank you to the UI Alumni Association for making this possible. Go Vandals!
1,500 / 1,500 Gifts
Vandal Procrastinator Challenge
Congratulations to Mike Hughes for being crowned an official Vandal Procrastinator! Mike is designating the $500 award to the Athena Student Scholarship. Thank you, Mike!
FCS Director and Alumni Match
We did it! Thank you Shelley McGuire, Laura Thomas and Chris Shelden for your generosity! Go Vandals!
Dick and Nancy Rush AEE Challenge
Hooray! Thank you to our donors and to Dick and Nancy Rush for making this happen! Go Vandals!
10 / 10 Donors
Blair Wilson CALS Excellence Fund Match
Woo-Hoo! Thank you for your generosity, Blair Wilson! Go Vandals!
$1,000 MATCHED
Overnighter College Challenge
The top three college scholarships that receive the most gifts from 11pm to 5am will receive $750 each courtesy of the University of Idaho Foundation.
Rank Prize College Gifts
1 $750 College of Agricultural and Life Sciences CALS Excellence Fund 2
2 $750 College of Science Scholarships 1
3 $750 Carol Campbell Renfrew Humanities Scholarship Endowment 1
4 College of Art & Architecture Scholarships 0
5 College of Law Scholarship Fund 0
6 Ghazi Honorary Scholarship 0
7 CLASS Study Abroad Scholarship 0
8 Scholarships - College of Engineering 0
9 CBE Scholarships 0
10 College of Law Faculty Scholarship Fund 0
11 College of Education Scholarships 0
12 CBE Alumni Access Scholarship 0
13 Curriculum and Instruction Scholarships 0
14 College of Natural Resources Scholarships 0
15 College of Law Class of 1977 Scholarship Fund 0
16 Harley Johansen Memorial Scholarship 0
17 Department of Leadership & Counseling Scholarship Fund 0
18 Movement Sciences Scholarships 0
19 CLASS Access Scholarship 0
Doug & Barbara Scoville CALS Excellence Fund Match
Hooray! We did it thanks to our incredible donors and the kindness of Doug & Barbara Scoville! Go Vandals!
$1,000 MATCHED
Vandal Pride Far & Wide
Rank State Gifts
1 ID 97
2 WA 17
3 CA 3
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