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Vandal Scholarship Fund Mission

The mission of the Vandal Boosters, Inc., through its membership program known as the Vandal Scholarship Fund, is to fund all of the student-athlete scholarships awarded by the Department of Athletics at the University of Idaho.

Thank you for your generosity to Idaho Athletics and our 300-plus student-athletes.

Your philanthropic investment ensures our student-athletes are able to compete at the highest level while working towards their degrees at a world-class institution. Vandal student-athletes are excelling in the classroom, in the community and in competition.

As a donor, you make it possible for these students to achieve their dreams and be successful Today, Tomorrow, For Life! Your gift is making a transformational impact!


University of Idaho Foundation Challenge
We did it! Thank you U of I Foundation!
Ken and Jan Jones Challenge
Go Vandals! Thank you Ken and Jan Jones and all of our donors!
25 / 25 Gifts
Vandal Booster Challenge
37 gifts of at least $100 to the Vandal Scholarship Fund will unlock $3,700 from Robie Russell! Go Vandals!
37 / 37 Gifts
The Taylor and Kelsey Rust Rallying Around Student-Athletes Match
We did it! Thank you Taylor and Kelsey Rust!
$10,000 MATCHED
Athletic Director Terry Gawlik’s Textbook Challenge
We did it! Thank you, Terry Gawlik!
10 / 10 Gifts
Brave. Bold. Furry Friends Challenge
Thanks to our Brave. Bold. Furry Friends Challenge winners!
Early Bird Challenge
Congratulations! 1st Place: Jesse Martinez, 2nd Place: Lysa Salsbury, 3rd Place: James Trayford, and 4th Place: Molly Widdicombe!
Trent Cowan Go Vandals Challenge
Go Vandals! Thank you, Trent Cowan!
13 / 13 Gifts
Robson Vandal Challenge
Go Vandals! Thank you Shelly!
$6,500 / $6,500 Raised
Amanda Moore Student Athlete Alumni Challenge
We did it! Thank you, Amanda Moore!
$10,000 MATCHED
Amity and Mahmood Sheikh Vandal Scholarship Fund Challenge
We did it! Thank you Amity and Mahmood Sheikh!
10 / 10 Gifts
Overnighter College Challenge
The top three college scholarships that raise the most from 11pm to 5am will receive $1,000 each, courtesy of the University of Idaho Foundation.
Rank Prize College Scholarships Raised
1 $1,000 Paul Joyce Memorial BCB Fellowship $775.00
2 $1,000 College of Law Tribal Homelands Scholarship $600.00
3 $1,000 Idaho Heritage Project - Rural Services Scholarship $550.00
4 College of Law Scholarship Fund $250.00
5 Vandal Scholarship Fund $100.00
6 College of Natural Resources Scholarships $100.00
7 Chemical & Biological Engineering Scholarships $80.00
8 College of Agricultural and Life Sciences CALS Excellence Fund $0.00
9 Idaho WWAMI, General Scholarship Fund $0.00
10 College of Art & Architecture Scholarships $0.00
11 CBE Alumni Access Scholarship $0.00
12 CLASS Study Abroad Scholarship $0.00
13 College of Science Scholarships $0.00
14 Vandal Marching Band Scholarships $0.00
15 Carol Campbell Renfrew Humanities Scholarship Endowment $0.00
16 CLASS Access Scholarship $0.00
17 Harley Johansen Memorial Scholarship $0.00
18 CBE Scholarships $0.00
19 Ghazi Honorary Scholarship $0.00
20 CNR Student Logging Crew Scholarship (Experimental Forest) $0.00
21 Earl Gray Electrical Engineering Memorial Scholarship $0.00
22 College of Education Scholarships $0.00
23 Curriculum & Instruction Scholarships $0.00
24 Movement Sciences Scholarships $0.00
25 Department of Leadership & Counseling Scholarship Fund $0.00
26 Mechanical Engineering Scholarships $0.00
UIAA Brave. Bold. Adventures Challenge
Thanks to our UIAA Brave. Bold. Adventures Challenge winners!
Vandal Pride Far and Wide!
Rank State Gifts
1 ID 101
2 WA 22
3 OR 4
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