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The University of Idaho Arboreta are outdoor museums maintained for the acquisition and proper curation of a living collection of native and introduced plants. As a primary reference collection, the highest priority of the arboreta is to develop, curate, and maintain a diverse collection for all to study and enjoy. Gifts to the Arboretum Associates fund will help ensure the goals of the University of Idaho Arboreta, which are:

  • provide a site for instruction in botany, horticulture, forestry, landscape architecture, environmental sciences, and other fields related to the living collection; 
  • encourage authorized research in fields such as plant hardiness, systematics, and hybridization;
  • educate the public through field trips, lectures, and tours;
  • provide to the public a restful, beautiful environment for the purpose of gaining knowledge and appreciation of the importance of plants. 

Please consider a gift today to Arboretum Associates, to maintain a living research facility, as well as a magnificent environment for all to enjoy for generations to come.

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