Your gift to the University Library is a direct investment in the spaces, resources, and services that we provide every day. With your help, the library supports student success by enhancing the student experience with innovative and flexible learning and study spaces, such as the new wall gallery that will showcase university, state and regional history as well as the work of our faculty, staff, and students.


The new Library Gallery Space, funded by your contributions, will enable new opportunities for learning by creating a purpose-built space for innovative engagement. The new gallery space will support local and global exploration and research, and offer experiential involvement with physical elements from our Special Collections and Archives department as well as traveling exhibits. The Library Gallery Space will facilitate more connections with local arts and tourism in Idaho, and allow participation in local arts events, connecting the University Library with local outreach.


Your gift during Vandal Giving Day will help us unlock matching gifts provided by the Library Advisory Board and others. These much-needed funds will enable us to build our capacity as Idaho's only research library.


Your financial support allows us to grow, explore and commit to our vision of supporting student success across the curriculum, and building a world-class research library for our university community.

1,100th Gift Challenge
Once we reach 1,100 gifts we'll unlock $1,500 to the fund of your choice!
1,100 / 1,100 Gifts
1120th Gift Challenge
Once we reach 1,120 gifts we'll unlock $2,500 to the fund of your choice!
1,120 / 1,120 Gifts
U of I Foundation 1000 Gift Challenge
When we reach 1,000 gifts, the U of I Foundation will give $7,500 to the President's Excellence Fund
1,000 / 1,000 Gifts
Library Advisory Board Challenge
We did it! Thanks to our Library Advisory Board and generous supporters, we raised $15,000 in direct support for the very important spaces and resources our students need and deserve! Go Vandals!
$5,825 MATCHED
Vandal Strong Anonymous $50,000 Scholarship Challenge
Go Vandals! Thanks to our generous supporters we raised over $50,000 for student scholarships at the U of I!
1,000 / 1,000 Gifts
U of I Alumni Association Board of Directors Last Gift Challenge
Thank you U of I Alumni Association Board of Directors and to all of our supporters!
1,016 / 1,016 Gifts
1,115th Gift Challenge
Once we reach 1,115 gifts we'll unlock $2,000 to the fund of your choice!
1,115 / 1,115 Gifts
CBE Advisory Board Challenge
Gifts to th CBE Alumni Access Fund will release over $19,000 to the CBE Alumni Access Board, provided by the CBE Advisory Board
1 / 1 Gifts
Former ASUI President Challenge
We did it! Nice work former ASUI Presidents!
5 / 5 Donors
University of Idaho Foundation Challenge
$10,000 from the University of Idaho Foundation in support of University of Idaho students, scholarships and retention will unlock for every 500 gifts during Vandal Giving Day, up to $30,000!
1,010 / 1,010 Gifts
VGD Faculty/Staff Challenge
The 20th donor who identifies as faculty/staff receives a $500 match to the fund of their choice!
20 / 20 Donors
1,000th Gift Challenge
Once we reach 1,000 gifts we'll unlock $1,000 to the fund of your choice!
1,000 / 1,000 Gifts
Vandal Pride Far & Wide
Rank State Gifts
1 ID 25
2 WA 2
3 DC 1
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