McClure Center
McClure Center Undergraduate Student Programs


The McClure Center supports life-changing undergraduate student internships. These applied learning and research experiences focus on local, state, national and international policy, as well as connections with journalism and communications. Your Vandal Giving Day donation directly funds these student programs.


The McClure Center partners with the University of Idaho Martin Institute, the Department of Politics and Philosophy and School of Journalism and Mass Media (JAMM) to bring undergraduate students to the capital city. Examples of programs include the Martin-McClure Ambassadorship, Legislative Research Scholars, JAMM-McClure Legislative Internship and directed research studies.


Students gain exposure and firsthand experience in public policy analysis, design and implementation on multiple levels during their semester-long assignments. Many students in these programs relocate to the GAR Building across the street from the Idaho State Capitol. The goal for each program is that students gain on-the-ground experience and connect with current policy makers, journalists and professionals in the field. These connections lead to amazing career paths and Vandals making a difference in the world.


You can learn more about the 2020 Legislative Interns in the video above!

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