Raven Scholars
Empowerment and Education

Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are the fastest growing diversity group entering higher education across the nation. Research shows that only 40% of students with ASD will complete their degrees, yet with appropriate supports individuals on the Autism Spectrum can thrive. The Raven Scholar program is a free, donations-based support service for University of Idaho students with ASD and has a retention and graduation rate of 80%! 

Students on the spectrum are accepted to the colleges on their own merit, but all too often, they soon begin to flounder because of the lack of structure. Supports for challenges typically seen with individuals on the Autism Spectrum are not built into the accommodations required by the Americans with Disability Act, nor are they addressed in other typical student services. With recognition of this gap in U of I services for students with ASD, Tom Alberg and Judi Beck of the Raven Trust generously donated seed funds to develop such supports in the Raven Scholars program in 2011. 

Raven Scholar students require a unique kind of support to meet their goals. Our program supplies support tailored to those with ASD in ways that other programs and services are unequipped to deliver. We offer individualized support such as advocacy, one-on-one skills training, services coordination, case management, and intervention for early warning grades or faculty and staff concerns. 

Another unique way we support students is through developing a community for neurodiverse individuals. We accomplish this though monthly events, workshops, group skills training and Peer-Mentor interactions. Your donation today will help us continue to provide engaging, educational fun and creative events that will help students with ASD to integrate into the larger U of I community and to have a genuine, enriching college experience! 

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