College of Engineering Dean's Excellence Fund

If you were a University of Idaho engineering student, donors to the Dean’s Excellence Fund had an impact on your experience. The fund supports hands-on student experiences, K-12 outreach activities led by our college ambassador program, competition teams, student clubs, as well as undergraduate research activities driven by our vibrant, relevant and engaged faculty. Your gifts to the Dean’s Excellence Fund help today’s students become tomorrow’s engineers, entrepreneurs and leaders!


Engineering Design EXPO

Seniors from all of our engineering programs participate in presenting capstone work at EXPO, showcasing their efforts to our alumni, industry partners, local community and over 500 K-12 students from across the region. Your support helps provide funding for graduate student mentors for the undergraduates’ capstone projects and this year will help fund our students who participate in national competitions, such as our SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge and ASCE Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge teams, by helping to pay their travel expenses to compete, as well as offset the cost of supplies and equipment.


This year, we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary of EXPO. Support our students with a gift and help ensure the next 25 years of Vandal Engineering!



The Micron Foundation has a long history of partnership with the U of I College of Engineering to spark a passion in the next generation of scientists and engineers. Thank you, Micron Foundation, for your continued support and investment in generations of future Vandal engineers!

We can't thank you enough.
May 16, 2018

For 1,889 minutes last week, Vandals from nearly every state and across the globe came together to support and celebrate the things we all love about the University of Idaho. Whether you made a gift or shared your love for U of I on social media by becoming an ambassador, the Vandal family made a statement together in raising nearly half a million dollars for our students and programs.  Thank you for the unprecedented generosity shown on Vandal Giving Day.

Vandal Engineers Far and Wide
Rank State Gifts
1 ID 125
2 WA 25
3 CA 3
Micron Foundation $20,000 Engineering Match
Thanks to the generous match from the Micron Foundation, we were able to double the impact of gifts on Vandal Giving Day, raising $40,000 for the College of Engineering!
$20,000 MATCHED
SArb Student Match
Thanks to the students who joined us at the SArb Graduation event last night and made their senior gift to U of I! GO VANDALS!
Student Philanthropy Match
Between 10am and 2pm on Wednesday, April 25th, all gifts from students will be matched, dollar for dollar, to any fund they choose, up to $380 total. There will also be free coffee at the U of I Commons courtyard from 10am to Noon and free cupcakes in the food court from Noon to 2pm.
Micron Foundation $5,000 Engineering Challenge
We did it! Special thanks to the Micron Foundation for their gift of $5,000 to the College of Engineering Dean's Excellence Fund.
125 / 125 Gifts
University of Idaho Foundation Gift Challenge
Huge thanks to the University of Idaho Foundation Board for their generous support of Vandal Giving Day! We received over 1,300 gifts and completed over 25 bonus challenges unlocking $50,000 total from the U of I Foundation!
1,350 / 1,350 Gifts
Dean Larry Stauffer Engineering Faculty & Staff Challenge
Thanks to Dean Larry Stauffer and faculty & staff who supported the College of Engineering!
Faculty & Staff Participation Challenge
Congrats to our top 3 Colleges/Programs: College of Engineering ($2,105 bonus), College of Science ($1,500 bonus) and the U of I Library ($1,000 bonus) Special thanks to President Staben and his cabinet for their generous support!
Vandal All-Nighter Challenge
The college or program that receives the most gifts between 10pm and 6am PST will receive a $1,000 bonus!
Rank Prize College/Program Gifts
1 $1,000 Engineering 8
2 Science 6
3 Athletics 6
4 Student Services 6
5 Vandal Marching Band 2
Most Gifts Happy Hour
The individual fund that receives the most gifts during Happy Hour from 5:00pm to 7:00pm on Wednesday, April 25th will get a $500 bonus!
Rank Prize Fund Gifts
1 $500 Omega Delta Phi Scholarship 20
2 Margaret Fosberg Alpha Gamma Delta Scholarship Endowment 12
3 Vandal Marching Band 10
4 Vandal Scholarship Fund 10
5 Delta Delta Delta Endowment 7
Most Dollars Happy Hour
Congrats to the Vandal Marching Band for winning the Most Dollars Happy Hour and earning a $500 bonus!
Rank Prize Fund Raised
1 $500 Vandal Marching Band $1,300.00
2 College of Engineering Dean's Excellence Fund $1,250.00
3 Vandal Scholarship Fund $1,210.00
4 Library Dean's Excellence Fund $685.00
5 College of Science Undergraduate Research Fund $420.00
FINAL PUSH! 29-Minute Gift Blitz!
Congrats to Omega Delta Phi for earning a $750 bonus!
Rank Prize Fund Gifts
1 $750 Omega Delta Phi Scholarship 21
2 Margaret Fosberg Alpha Gamma Delta Scholarship Endowment 9
3 Office of Multicultural Affairs 6
4 Vandal Scholarship Fund 5
5 JAMM Lab Renovation Fund 5
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